Best Ray Ban Sunglasses Reviews 2020 | An Exclusive Buying Guide

When you have dressed well and not wearing sunglasses, it looks something is missing in your fashion. The right sunglass on eyes can bring a whole different vibe in your outlook. The iconic brand Ray-Ban has made a revolution for this wearable. They have tons of products with different features. No matter which item did you buy, it looks good. The brand indeed has a wide range of products, however, you may want to grab the best one with the top features. I am writing this article is to give a clear idea of how to get the best Ray Ban sunglasses within the budget.

Top 7 Ray Ban Sunglasses Reviews

From an extensive collection of sunglasses from Ray Ban, it is tough to choose a single item. We have made a list of top 7 products from where you can pick one for you according to your requirements.

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses


The square shape of sunglasses is a classic style that suits everyone. This item comes in this classic style that suits everyone. The RB2132 is an updated version of the previous model. It is labeled for unisex which means anyone can wear it. If your face is relatively small, you shouldn’t wear too much large glass.

Ray Ban has engineered this sunglass for the people who want to keep the sunglass adjusted to face. It comes in synthetic construction which is soft and comfortable to wear.

Full protection from UV rays to give relief to your eyes from stress. The 58 mm x 43 mm lenses that used in this item are polarized. The benefit of polarized glass is, it ensures maximum clarity and reduces glare. Fewer chances of eye strain.

Whether you are in heavy sunlight or a shadow place, you will get a clear vision. Lightweight design keeps the comfort all day long. This won’t make much pressure on your eyes and you won’t have scratches on nose.

Not only had these things helped it to get its to position on the list of best Ray Ban sunglasses. Besides the fashionable look, it is a durable one from Ray Ban. The frame is made from durable plastic with green G-15 glass lenses. These lenses are scratch-resistant.

Unlike some cheaply made glasses, it won’t get scratched too easily. The bridge measures 18 mm and arms are 145 mm which is the perfect combination for easy wearing and comfortable use.


  • Unisex design to suit all
  • Scratch-resistant lenses for velar vision
  • A durable frame which made from strong acetate
  • 100% UV protection keeps eyes safe and comfortable
  • Easily fits smaller faces


  • Its construction is too small for big faces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does the small size best fit for women?

Answer: This item is not only for women. Its 52, 55, and 58mm size fits anyone who has a comparatively small face.

Question: Is it available in other colors?

Answer: Yes, you can pick a different color from the product page.

Question: Are the tortoise comes in matt or glossy style?

Answer: It is glossy instead of matt finish. It looks almost black and goes with different dress styles.

Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal Flat Lenses Sunglasses

best ray ban sunglasses


For outdoor usages, you need a sunglass which is more durable and comfortable to wear. This Ray-Ban RB3548N is a perfect choice for outdoor usages. Instead of the classic plastic frame, it is constructed with the metal frame and the shape is Hexagonal.

If you are a big fan of the James Bond series, going to like this item a lot. Whether you are wearing formal or casual, it syncs with the outlook. Though the style best suits for men, there are no restrictions to wear for women as well.

When you are going to an outdoor event, you need to protect your eyes from heavy UV rays. This harmful ray causes eye strain and increases the chance of losing a clear vision. The lenses used in this are purely UV proof. The 100% UV protection keeps the user comfortable in all weather.

The wayfarer sunglass features precision-cut for improved clarity in all conditions. Enhanced contrast and relief from eye strain will make you happy. The best feature is its photochromatic lens which changes color based on the lighting condition where you are wearing it.

Besides the clear vision, it is an ideal product for longevity. The glasses are made for scratch resistance. No matter whether you are passing a busy day or just staying at a place, the glasses will be safe. The durable metal frame and high-quality glass ensure longevity.

Each pair of this sunglass comes with a case and cloth for cleaning the lens. Wide range of color options for the metal frame. So, you can pick according to your interest and the look you want to achieve.


  • Both polarized and non-polarized options
  • Scratch-resistant lenses for clear vision
  • Full protection from UV and relief from eye strain
  • Different colors for lenses and frame
  • Best suits for outdoor events


  • Most suit to men with the hexagonal shape
  • The frame is a little bit small

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which one is better, polarized or non-polarized?

Answer: It depends on you what you like. But polarized sunglasses are better for reflecting light and provide clear vision.

Question: Do the lenses are made from plastic?

Answer: Nope! The frame is constructed with metal and the lenses are made from glass.

Question: Does it feel heavy?

Answer: This is a lightweight sunglass from Ray Ban. This doesn’t feel heavy at all.


Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Square Sunglasses

If you are looking for something special from Ray Ban to have a stylish look, this RB3016 should be your choice. This is a classic CLUBMASTER sunglass with square glass. The design is perfect for all time usage.

Whether you are going to a party or a casual business meeting, you can wear this item. The iconic look of the sunglass will make you attractive. Though Ray Ban has similar products, this one is better for the balance between comfort and fashion.

Though sunglasses may have tons of features, the thing most matter is the protection of your eyes. At this point, this item has a fully satisfactory performance. When wearing these sunglasses, there is nothing to be worried about whether it is a sunny day or a regular day, your eyes will be safe.

UV protection keeps the eyes safe from the harmful ray of direct sunlight. The lenses give relief from strain on your eyes. Unlike some cheap products, this won’t give you a blurry view after a certain time. In all conditions, this ensures the proper vision for the users.

The item is lightweight. When passing a long day outside, you won’t feel something heavy on your nose. With a fair deal, you can use the same sunglass for a long time without any major issues. The frame is constructed from durable acetate.

Moreover, there is a wide range of options for you. From different colors of frames and lenses to polarized and non-polarized, everything is available. It is like customizing the sunglass before ordering them.


  • Durable frame for longevity
  • Comfortable to wear with a lightweight design
  • Lenses are designed to protect from UV ray
  • Wide range of color options
  • Square shape lens suits to everyone


  • Doesn’t fit properly to larger face
  • Only two sizes are available which are 49mm and 51mm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where this item is made? Is it made in the USA?

This item is made in Italy. Ray Ban produces only a few of their sunglasses in the USA anymore.

Does this item have any warranty features?

If you buy from the original vendor, you will get a warranty.

It seems like the sunglass is small in size, does it properly fit kids?

It is designed for adults. For kids, it will be too heavy to wear.


Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Classic Sunglasses

best ray ban sunglasses

Classic aviation is an all-time favorite for the sunglass lovers. If you were looking for something cool from Ray Ban, I would like to suggest to order this item. This is one of the best Ray Ban sunglasses which provides all the essential and advanced features at a fair price.

The lenses come in the aviation shape and the frame is made of pure metal. At the end of the frame, there is a plastic cover that gives comfort to your ears. Regardless of the size of your face, you can wear this one. This is a unisex product that suits to anyone who has a comparatively larger face.

Besides the style, this aviation sunglass will protect your eyes from the direct UV ray. The lenses are non-polarized and originally designed for the military to wear in tough situations. If you are looking for something to wear more for outdoor events, this will be the best choice.

It uses the legendary Ray-Ban G-15 non-polarized lenses which are known for better protection for eyes. 100% UV protection to stay safe when spending so much time in direct sunshine.

Like the older age, you don’t have to wear only the classic black. Instead, you can choose from a wide range of colors and styles for the lenses. The classic gold and silver colors are also available in the list. The metal frame is durable and it fits perfectly to eyes. The durable construction ensures maximum longevity.


  • 100% UV protection with G-15 lenses
  • Durable metal frame for longevity
  • Soft and comfortable temple tips
  • Nose pads to feel comfortable when wearing for longer period
  • Variety of colors for lens and frame


  • The lens used in it are non-polarized

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does the non-polarized lens affect the vision?

Answer: Not at all. Indeed, there some additional advantages of polarization, but non-polarized sunglasses are also good for better and clear vision.

Question: Will I get a case with this item?

Answer: Yes, the sunglass comes with a case, outer box, and cloth for cleaning.

Question: Does it have variable lens sizes?

Answer: Yes, it does.


Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Classic Polarized Sunglasses

The previous product in this list is non-polarized. If you didn’t like the non-polarized lens, you can have the same style with polarized lenses by buying this. This item also has the classic aviation style which you may have seen in different Hollywood movies. Best suits for all outdoor events.

Especially, when you are going fishing, camping, or similar activities, this will prevent eyes from stress. Like the non-polarized version, this unit also comes with a comfortable metal frame.

This item from Ray Ban features high-quality glass lenses. Each lens is polarized which reflects the light on a heavy sunny day and ensures clear visibility. Reduces glare and eye-strain to make the user comfortable. The lenses are engineered to prevent UV rays from direct sunlight. The look is perfect for both women and men.

Regardless of age or sex, this perfectly syncs with a variety of dresses. It feels comfortable with the nose pad. Sometimes too much sweating makes it difficult to keep the sunglass in place. But its temple tips are designed for slip-resistance and stays in place.

With cheap products, the biggest problem is too many scratches on the lens and it becomes difficult to see through this. You are going to like the scratch resistance of the lenses in it. Especially for heavy users, this is a blessing.

A wide range of color options for lenses and frames are available to choose from. Its performance helps it to take place in the list of best Ray Ban sunglasses.


  • Classic unisex aviator look
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Polarized lenses for improved visibility
  • Suitable for any outdoor events
  • Special lens cloth for easy cleaning
  • 100% UV protection with scratch-resistant lenses


  • Not best for men with a larger face
  • It is heavier than the square-shaped plastic frame

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I use a liquid solution for cleaning the glass?

Answer: If the solution is labeled for sunglasses, you can. But avoid cheap products which may cause heavy stain on the lenses.

Question: Does it come with the storage case?

Answer: Yes, the original one comes with the case.

Question: What are the sizes available for this product?

Answer: There are three different sizes for the frame which are 55mm, 58mm, and 62mm. You should pick the size according to your face’s size and shape.


Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin Rectangular Sunglasses

best ray ban sunglasses

If you are looking for something in the modern style, you should pick this rectangle sunglass from Ray Ban. The benefit of the rectangle shape is, regardless of your face shape, it suits you. This is a unisex sunglass that suits anyone.

I nstead of plain color, it features the shadow style. The lenses are attached to a plastic frame. The shape of the glass suits to any outlook. Ideal for long day use and fashion.

You can choose the lenses according to your needs. A wide range of color options is available for the lenses. Moreover, you can pick either polarized or non-polarized based on the type of your usages. Whether color or style you pick, it provides 100% protection from UV.

When you are spending time with your friends outdoor or doing some project-based work under direct sunlight, your eyes will be strain-free and comfortable. The lenses are designed to provide the best vision in all lighting conditions.

People like this item a lot because of its durable construction. Unlike some non-branded cheap sunglasses, it features a high-quality plastic frame. Its lightweight feature keeps the user comfortable when wearing for a long time. There will be less pressure on your ear and nose.

You can easily avoid eye strain by replacing your old sunglasses with this one. Taking care of this item is easy with the stuff that is free with it. With the sunglass, you will receive a carrying case for storage and a cloth to clean the lenses.


  • Smooth transition from solid to shade
  • Durable construction with a high-quality frame
  • Both polarized and non-polarized versions available
  • Unisex design suits to anyone
  • Lightweight for relief from eye strain


  • It doesn’t have nose pads
  • Wider design won’t suit best to small faces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Will the price vary for different colors and frames?

Answer: Yes, the price will slightly change based on the color, style of frame, and the types of lenses that used.

Question: Does the frame come with plastic and rubber combination?

Answer: The frame is mainly made from plastic and has a rubberized finish to make it comfortable.

Question: Will I get the case with it?

Answer: Yes, you will receive a case, cloth for cleaning, and a warranty card.


Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

best ray ban sunglasses

It is one of the best Ra Ban sunglasses with plastic frame. This item is from the Wayfarer series which is designed for both comfort and fashion. If you need a sunglass with extreme durability, Ray-Ban RB2140 should be in your collection.

There are tons of color options for the lenses from where you can pick according to your choice. Also, the frame color will vary according to the lens color to make it stylish. It features a smooth finish that fits properly to both men and women.

This item features the G-15 lenses which are iconic for Ray Ban sunglasses. You can either pick the polarized or non-polarized version according to your needs. Its lenses are constructed with top quality features that reflect light in heavy sunlight and give comfort to the eyes.

The UV protection ensures that your eyes remain safe and comfortable when passing a busy day under the direct sunlight. A polarized lens ensures better clarity and contrast and reduces glare and eye strain.

The frame is made from durable acetate which is known for longevity. The shape is suitable to sync with all the styles of dresses. Whether you are wearing formal or casual, the sunglass fits you and doesn’t spoil the look.

This is the best item to balance between comfort and fashion. Choose from multiple colors of frames and lenses that best suit your personality.


  • Plant-based acetate plastic for longevity
  • Full protection from UV
  • Comfortable to wear with the rubberized finish
  • Clear and glare-free vision in all lighting
  • Scratch-resistant glass lenses
  • Nose pad for better adjustment to nose


  • Comparatively, it is heavy
  • Little bit slippery which may cause some issues when sweating

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to select polarized or non-polarized lenses for it?

You can visit the product page and then choose what style do you prefer.

Why the price varies for different colors?

It depends on the manufacturing cost. However, the change is not big so you can go for your preferable one.

Does it suit to women?

Absolutely! The shape is suitable for both men and women. Just pick the color accordingly.


History of Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban is one of the oldest brands in the market for sunglasses. They have maintained the best quality from the beginning. The company first started by producing aviation sunglasses. At that time, pilots were flying their planes on a higher altitude where they were struggling with glares.

Ray Ban has designed a sunglass that can reduce glare for a better view. It was 1929 and the main purpose was for the military aviation of the USA. And in 1937, they brought the product for sale in public.

After getting so many positive responses from the users, the brand has moved in different styles besides the aviator sunglasses. For instance, some of their sunglasses came with a gradient mirror lens which features a special coating on the upper part for better protection. The lower part was with a clear view.

In 1950, they launched the wayfarer version of sunglasses which were impacted people because of Hollywood. In several movies, actors and actresses wore these sunglasses and it became popular. The revolutionary change of the brand came in 1960.

Ray Ban introduced more than 30 new models of their sunglasses. Now, the brand has tons of products with a variety of features. Almost for all purposes, they have something. For instance, in different sports, where players need to use sunglasses used to wear sunglasses from them.

Why Should You Choose Ray Ban Sunglasses?

It is not surprising that tons of brands are now producing sunglasses and still Ray Ban has popularity among sunglass lovers. Here are some reasons why you should pick an item from this brand-

  • They ensure the maximum quality for both lenses and frames. Most of their frames are durable and suitable for heavy usages.
  • Sunglasses from Ray Ban actually provide the best protection from UV.
  • Ray Ban ensures both comfort and fashion in their products without losing quality.
  • If you purchase from the authentic source, you will get a warranty for the product.
  • Wide range of color options for frames and lenses.
  • You can choose both polarized and non-polarized sunglasses according to the style you wear sunglasses.

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Final Verdict

In this ray ban sunglasses review, we have picked the top 7 best Ray Ban sunglasses that has the best price and features. So, before you go further, you must check the list. Based on the models, the style will vary for each product. Check the details and get yours at the best price.

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