UV Protection Sunglasses

How to Choose the Best UV Protection Sunglasses?

We all know that UV (Ultraviolet) rays are harmful to our eyes. On sunny days, it is crucial to safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays. UV protection sunglasses are gaining popularity day by day because they do some fantastic jobs by protecting your eyes from UV radiation.

Of course, lots of people are aware of protecting their skin but don’t even think eye protection from UV rays.

Some people know the use of sunglass but the amount is negligible. Having UV protection sunglasses are important, but people fail to identify the best UV sunglass for them.

Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Sunglass?

Three types of UV rays exist. Most of us know about UV-A and UV-B and we are unaware of UV-C which is being absorbed by the ozone layer.

If you neglect the protection for eyes from UV-A and UV-B, these two types of rays can create both the long and short-term negative impact on your eyes.

You may face excessive tearing if you go to direct sunlight without wearing any UV protection sunglasses. Your eyes will become puffy and you will feel gritty. Although these symptoms are temporary, the long-term damage is creating cataracts.

Some serious effects due to the longer period of UV ray’s exposure include damaging in the cornea, risk of cancer and eyelids. For these cases, it is always recommended to take prevention because some of these conditions can’t be treated.

UV protection sunglasses protect the UV rays and block them and so these rays fail to reach your eyes. If you choose the perfect UV protection sunglass, it’s much easier to block 99% of the harmful UV rays. When you are purchasing sunglasses, always consider having good quality UV protection sunglasses.

If you work outside the maximum time, then choosing this type of sunglasses is a must. You should choose the glasses which offer UV400. These sunglasses can block 100% of the rays.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying UV Protection Sunglasses

You need to consider a few factors when you go to purchase a new sunglass for you. After extensive research, I listed a few common factors here that might help you identify and selecting the best sunglass for you.

Lens Color

We have a misconception about the lens color. If the lens color is dark, we think that they will give the highest protection. But the concept is completely opposite to the reality.

The best UV sunglasses can block 100% rays; color does not matter. You can choose different colors including red, blue, yellow, brown or green. The red lenses are best for minimizing glare and decreasing eye fatigue. The blue lenses improve the quality of the contrast.

Yellow lenses are best for foggy conditions. The green lenses minimize eye strain and they are best for low light conditions. If you get out of driving, then it is better to choose the brown lenses.


You should always select polarized sunglasses because they will block the polarized light and reduce the glare. These sunglasses perfectly suit when you go fishing.


Before choosing a sunglass, always check whether it is UV400 or not. If yes, then it is a good selection as these glasses can block 100% of the UV rays during the days.

Anti-Fog Technology

If you are living in an area where humidity is higher, it is recommended to choose the sunglass where the lenses have anti-fog technology.

Types of Frames

Several types of frames available and you can choose which best suits you. Wraparound frames will be a good choice if you love sports. These frames help you to have the ultimate sun protection around your face. Floating frames will be handy if you are busy with water.


Probably the first factor you think when you go to purchase UV protection sunglasses. Some of the popular styles are Ray-ban style, sports style, and the aviator style.


Before purchasing the UV sunglass, always consider the best value glass. The higher priced sunglasses will give the best service in terms of quality and performance.

Final Words

Identifying the best UV sunglass is not hard, but you need to check the above-mentioned parameters when you purchase sunglasses. It will help you to identify the required sunglass effortlessly.

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